Saturday, July 31, 2010

As much as I needed this weekend getaway, I'm finding it hard to keep my mind clear for more than a few minutes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ahh a reprieve.. a break, a bit of a getaway is planned.

A camping trip. A chance to be one with nature and take in all the wonders that God has given us. A chance to get away from TVs, Phones, cell phones and Yes..even people.
If I can surround myself with trees to talk to, the wind to listen to ....I will be just fine. The trees give their strength to stand bend and not break. The wind's way of breathing life into desperate lungs who haven't had the chance to BREATHE in a long time . The water that hides the life living beneath. It all speaks to my soul, helping me to put life into perspective.
Watching my kids get the greatest joy from riding their bikes as fast as they can, holding a fishing pole and reeling in the next big catch, and falling asleep with the sun because the fresh air has given them a run for their money.

Oh I can't wait!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi.. How are you ?
Ya really want to know?

Well here goes......

  • Overwhelmed..overwhelmed with the harsh realities of life as a grown up, Health, Money, responsibilities, expectations
  • Cheated...Cheated out of time, time to spend with my kids doing things that they want to do...Cheated out of the future that my Husband always looked forward too
  • Tired...Tired of making endless phone calls trying to navigate the insurance maze of bullshit
  • Sad...Sad that things are soo different
  • Disappointed....disappointed in people who are old enough to pull their own weight but don't...Disappointed that I continue to forget that some people's age is greater than their IQ
  • Mad...mad at myself for not sticking to MY plan...mad cause I can't find anything positive in all of this.

Oh... I'm just getting started....You still wanna know how I am?

Be careful what ya wish for...