Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old Soul

Lucas has what you would call an Old Soul. A child who somehow can read the feelings that we try so desperately to hide. We hide them so that the children don't have to see the sometimes cruel realities of life. But somehow they see, they see so absolutely clearly what we hide from them and even what we have hidden from ourselves.

Lucas was having a particularly rough morning ....he wanted to leave for school but it was too early. So I said just sit down and relax for a few more minutes. Well he didn't like that idea so he stormed out of the room running right into his Father standing in the doorway. They exchanged words and Lucas was no happier than when he started. So in the car he sobs...Daddy is always mean to me, I didn't do anything wrong. So instead of explaining all of the reasons why his Daddy was not happy... I opted to try to calm him because we are now on our way to school and I can not let him into the school house this upset or else his entire day will be ruined.

He returns home from school still a bit disturbed so I told him to take this opportunity to talk to his Daddy and tell him how he feels. So, he took a seat next to me on the couch. I said "Lucas has somethings he wants to talk to you about" and that's when Luke started ....
"Dad, I always feel like you are mad at us all the time. You yell at us all the time"... Ed interrupts and begins to explain why he got mad at him in the morning.... I stopped him, Just let him tell you how he feels...
With all the power Lucas has he holds back tears....his chin crinkled and quivering he said" Dad, it's like you are mad at something all the time, it's like you are missing something in your life."
I don't know what to say........He says" I think you are missing Grand Mom all the time and you get mad cause she isn't here."
Well, I just lose it....Ed starts to tear up and we are so very speechless. What do we say? He is right and how does he do it? How does he see into your soul? He continues...
" I miss her everyday too but you can't be mad at everybody"

What a wake up call, to have your 10 year old see things that we cannot or do not want to see.

Thank you Lucas, for your unique ability to see clearly through the windows of our souls.


God, grant me the...
Serenity to accept things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference
Patience for the things that take time
Appreciation for all that I have, and
Tolerance for those with different struggles
Freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways, the
Ability to feel your love for us and our love for each other and the
Strength to get up and try again even when we feel it is hopeless.

Wisdom to know the difference. That may be the biggest request that we ask for while reciting this prayer. What is wisdom? Do you have it just because you grow older. Are some born with wisdom? Do we gain wisdom by the trials and tribulations of life or are those life lessons? Is wisdom intuition? Just knowing the result without having to fail to learn it. Wisdom to know the difference. The difference between taking on responsibility that you can't handle. The difference between taking on responsibility you thought you couldn't handle but somehow pull it off.

Wisdom as defined: Wisdom often requires control of one's emotional reactions so that one's principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions.

So... IS wisdom control..... control over one's emotions which enables them to choose the right path. The right path for the individual. Which often times does not make sense to others because they do not share the same level of wisdom or control.

Wisdom,Patience,Tolerance,Appreciation, Strength,Courage and finally Serenity.

God, grant me the serenity..............