Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm so proud of my boys

On Saturday my boys made me so proud. We had a make up baseball game scheduled and it was gonna be hot and sunny, a great for baseball . The coach called with a dilemma, we didn't have anyone to umpire the game. We were already short coaches, with my husband at work and another with a previous commitment so he asked if my 13 yr old would umpire . I was reluctant at first because it meant that he would be the official of the game that his two younger brothers were playing in. It could be a disaster an embarrassing, horribly ugly nightmare. See all three boys have tiny little fusses that ignite like dynamite if the conditions are right.........

So he decides to take the job becasue there is $10 in it and I explain that this is a good time to get comfortable and learn becasue of the coaches that are playing. They are mild mannered and we know them quite well and Dad is not here.....another plus. At least he was going to have pads on in case one of his brothers went a little crazy with the bat!

He showed such maturity becasue even when he wasn't sure of a call he asked and was really trying to learn. He didn't let his brothers get to him at all. As for the other two, Lucas struck out with a questionable 3rd strike but only said " WHAT?" and walked off. For Lucas that was really good! That was a big relif for me. Then the Ultimate test............Matt pitching, Lucas Catching and Mitch Umpire. Whoa.....I think the coach was trying to be funny, I was nervous! Well at least two of the three had protective gear on in case batts started swinging.

They did Great! They really showed me that they can do it , if they really try. Now, we did win the game in extra innings. Matt stole home for the winning run, and it was a close call but it was a good call. I don't want to think what would have happened if we had lost. If Mitch called Matt out at the plate.........but he didn't and he made the right call.

I am proud of my boys, a well played game , trying something he had never done before and showing self control. It was a good day except for the sunburn.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Which one are You?

I consider myself a protective Mother. But when I look at the pictures I took of my oldest son jumping his bike I have mixed feelings. On one hand I'm like, Whoa nice jump.........then I say........ why did you let him jump his bike AND take pictures of it?

So ,I'm torn between my own two worlds. I let me kids do things that to others may seem risky. And I don't let them do things that some people think are silly, like ride their bikes on the sidewalk in front of the house. Now don't get me wrong , I'm not putting my 8 yr old on a dirt bike and race around the woods. But I do let him drive, their most prized possession, a go cart. OK ...It has a roll cage and seat belts...

I think that we all allow our kids to do as much as we would do ourselves. If you are the type of person that would never even want to jump a bike then you may not let your children try it either. I believe that we parent within our own limitations. Meaning that if I am uncomfortable with the situation that I will naturally limit my children in the same situation. I would love to jump on that bike.
Is that because we have had a negative experience in that situation or are afraid of our children having a negative experience at all?
Take the corners fast and ride hard but wear your helmet!