Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mama Bear

Tonight was Baseball practice. Pretty much the first practice without my husband physically there as coach. Now let me clarify , I do not have any delusions about my children and their behavior. I know Lucas is difficult and Matt can have an attitude that could stop a speeding train.
But when I know my kid is being picked on, he's freaking being picked on the coaches and the other players. It's like somehow people enjoy setting him off.

I'm talking about Lucas. He's hot headed and always thinks he's right and will swing when somebody looks at him wrong. I know this, but you little fuckers that want to terrorize him to the breaking point deserve your asses kicked. Even if your twice his size. Now, Lucas is usually the one getting in trouble because he's usually the one causing the trouble, But my God does he have to be blamed for everything. I sat there of two hours in the f-ing cold and saw it with my own two eyes. All the kids were fooling around and Lucas has to run a lap, while all the other stinking brats watch. That was only one of the things that pissed me off tonight.

I know, adults trying their best to control ten 8-10 yrs olds. It's tough, I'll give you that but ya better try a little f-ing harder cause Number 1 not a single kid learned a bit tonight. Number 2 your kid a a sneaky little bastard that needs someone 1/2 his size to kick his Ass.

Would things have been different if Dad was there, yeah you can bet your ass. He's really hard on both of them, but can tell when he's being done wrong. And we're not having anymore of that now!

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