Friday, February 20, 2009

Belated Valentine's Day gift

Matt comes home from school on Tuesday with belated Valentine's day gift. As he peals off his jacket he's trying his best to hide a smile. I mean like painfully hide this huge smile. I automatically smile back and say " What are you so happy about?" He opens his bag and pulls out this large envelope with red hearts and ribbons all over it. He says "K" gave me this after school." I look and it's a Valentine card whose envelope is stuffed full.

He opens it and the candy falls everywhere like a stuffed pinata. He opens the card that is so sweetly signed "from K". By now he is just beaming, partly because of the Kit Kats partly because it's from his favorite friend "K". I say "that was really nice of her" and I think to myself , we have to get something to give her in return, I can't leave the little girl hangin'. So being the thrifty one that I am, I also quickly think 'Where I can go to get the return gift on clearance?' Ahh, Clearance just the sound of the word makes me envision red stickers dancing in my head........OK sorry I digress.

So I do my best to find the appropriate gift for a 4th grade girl that doesn't send the wrong message. Most of what is left in the store is little stuffed red devils that say things like "Red Hot Lover" or stuffed red monkeys that play music like "Wild Thing, you make my heart sing....." or Gigantic velvet hearts that say "My Love" written all ultra fancy on the front. The other problem I have is that this particular friend has type 1 diabetes , so it's not like I want to torture her with tons of candy.
I pick up a heart shaped ring pop, and behind all of the other stuffed animals I dig to find this sweet little brown bear wearing a heart laced ribbon. Perfect.

I show Matt what I got for him to give to his special friend and once again the smile of all smiles comes across his face. Until his brothers get wind of what we are doing then the hoots and whistles start, Matt is infuriated and wants to rearrange their smiles for them.
We put the bear into a small gift bag, he decorates it with stickers and signs the card " Thanks for the candy..... your friend, Matt" I want to melt, he is so sweet.

We decide to take the present over to her house to save some embarrassment of handing it to her in school. As we pull up in front of her house I see her Dad just getting out of his car, he waves as if we were going to just drive by. We know the parents pretty well...super nice people..
I pull over and Matt jumps out of the car carrying this bag with pink, red and white hearts all over like a football. The dad says "hey Matt, how ya doin' buddy?" Matt answers " I'm okay, can you give this to 'K' ?" he replies " Sure, but , do you want to give it to her yourself, you can come in and..." Matt says shaking his head" Ahh, nope you can give it to her" abruptly turning around after handing it to him and says" Thanks, Bye" and runs back to the car and jumps in. As the Dad is still waving and saying "OK Bye".

He sighed a huge sigh of relief and I could tell that we wanted me to put the petal to the metal and get the heck out of there. So that's what I did. I scooped him up as I did when he was a baby crying out in the middle of the night....... We drove away.


  1. Matt is such a sweet boy!

    This is a very nice post!

  2. Heart melting!! I just finished writing Matt a letter and my PS read "Matt, keep smiling. It looks good on you." Then I jump on here and read this post and almost started to tear up. We are certainly connected. Will try to mail my letters to the boys today. Thanks for another great post. You are a wonderful blogger.

  3. LMAO!! Red stickers dancing in my head!!...and Matty of course, the heartbreaker!