Saturday, February 14, 2009


A few months ago I asked the school counselor if she could meet with Lucas to help him deal with some of the challenges that 3rd grade brings to a child as unique as Lucas. She asked that I write her a letter to describe him so she could begin to get to know him better. Here is the letter.

When I sit and think about how to describe Lucas I can't help but smile. He is a generous, caring and an empathetic little guy. I am constantly reminding myself that he is only 8 years old. Luke is beyond his years. He is very comfortable talking with adults and even tries to "run the show" if given the opportunity. The problems with his speech have not held him back for a single minute. You always know where you stand with Lucas, he expresses his feelings with great enthusiasm . He has many friends and enjoys being the center of attention. He is a spirited child with a huge heart who has strong opinions and rarely backs down from a confrontation.
Lucas faces many challenges with speech along with his difficulties with attention. He is a hard worker and puts his whole self into everything he does. I am confident that he will succeed at whatever he puts his mind to. He is currently playing Flag Football and loving it. Sometimes it can be hard when Dad is the Coach and Big Brother, Matt, is also on the team but he seems to be having tons of fun. He is the youngest in the league but you could never tell, he'll challenge the biggest kid if he has to... or feels like it
I believe that Lucas will benefit from spending time with you because as good as he is at expressing himself through actions, he still needs to work on using his words to express positive and negative feelings effectively. His feelings run deep and sometimes get mixed up when they come to the surface.
My husband's Mother passed away 2 yrs ago and he as well as the rest of my family are still very much dealing with the loss. She was very close to all of the boys and they miss her a great deal. He will, on occasion, become very upset just as if it happened yesterday. Sometimes I'm not sure if he uses it as an excuse for other things that bother him when he just can't seem to put it all into words. I appreciate your concern and please let me know what else I can do to assist you and Lucas.


  1. Thank you for describing this beautiful boy so perfectly as only a mommy can! Luke has always given the best, biggest, warmest hugs. (even when he was just an infant!!)

  2. Lucas is so special! OMG I am tearing up!