Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Dads......

The other day we were sitting at the dinner table when Lucas looked up at me while shoveling salad into his mouth and said" You know Billy has two Dads" I sign and contemplate the conversation that I am about to have . You know when you try to get, like two steps ahead of their questions and buy yourself a moment... ...Knowing the family he is speaking of I say " Oh , I 'm not positively sure but I think he only has one Dad" I prepare to explain the many different kinds of families there are , he says "He goes to see one of his Dad's and tells him, like you know, things he does bad and stuff, He calls him Father something, I can't remember"

It's then that I realize that he's speaking of the local Priest and the kids are preparing to go to confession for the first time. So, I say " Oh Luke , that's not his Dad, that's what they call the priest at church"
He says" Why does he have to tell him the things he did wrong and what happens to him" Well those are even more loaded questions than the whole family conversation. I'd rather explain how someone can have 8 grandparents than the philosophies of the Catholic Church.

Did I say I tried to get two steps ahead of the questions.....I guess I try again next time.


  1. I just laughed my ass off! I love this!

    I love you Luke!

  2. Love it! Wait a can't be 37..!!! Keep going!

  3. Oh my goodness. I love this story. Luke, please stay filled with curiousity.